Monday, February 8, 2010

Progress Report

My times are improving slightly, thank GOD. This weekend I ran the Lady Track Shack 5k in 26:42 (an 8:35 pace). Definitely disappointing for someone who used to run 22- and 23-minute 5ks.

But my previous race was the Seasons 52 5.2k, where my 5k split was 28:20 (9:04 pace). So the good news is that I’m getting slightly faster. The bad news is that I really let my fitness slip.

So now I’m on a mission to get faster. I’m running the House of Hope 5k in Winter Park on February 20. My practical goal is to finish under 26 minutes and my stretch goal is to finish under 25 minutes.

Method of attack:
I’m limiting myself to wine/beer just one or two nights per week. This could be a challenge for someone who likes a glass of wine each night, but I’m pretty sure it will make a difference in my performance. I should note, I stopped by Wally’s pub this Friday night and had a drink (one drink there is equivalent to three drinks), and then got just 5 hours of sleep prior to the race, so perhaps that could explain my slow time.

Side note:
I highly recommend running the Lady Track Shack 5k next year. It winds through pretty parts of Winter Park and the tech tee is really cute!


discoveriesoftheunemployed said...

are you doing speed work? it's annoying, but slow and steady is the way to get your speed back. no idea what i'm at right now, but I feel your pain on being a little slower than you wanted.

Jetpacks said...

Aw, damn. I'd hoped to comment anonymously, but you don't allow that. Probably a smart move.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the idea for the France marathon! Very cool! Congrats on the 5k and awesome that you are a local runner! We must get together sometime!!! When you can shoot me an email; redheadrunning (@) gmail

I have a few ideas I can send your way in regards to speed too.

Chases Cows said...

Kirk, I'm starting speedwork again. I HATE doing it, but it's a necessary evil.

Morgan, I'll definitely hit you up for some speedwork ideas. And to set up a run date or something! :) I followed you via Sylvan's blog and he finally convinced me to start my own. It's pretty fun!

TallGuySurfing said...

I see you've met Morgan! Watch out, she's a feisty one! LOL....
I think you should Photoshop your picture above in the banner photo with you running like that right next to the African dude! That would rock! Of course, you'd have to be barefoot... or maybe wearing frogskins or something.... Great job on improving your time!