Saturday, February 20, 2010

Race Calendar 2010: I need your help!

2010 stands to be a productive race year for me. So far I've completed 4 races, including 3 5ks and 1 marathon. I finished 5k #3 this morning, the House of Hope Run Around the Pines 5k in Winter Park.

I mentioned in a recent blog post that I wanted to drop one to two minutes from my 5k time of 26:42, giving myself 2 weeks to do so. Great news. I finished in 25:33. Not as fast as I wanted, since I ran a 24:30 while training this week, but I can't really complain because when training, it's rare that you have to elbow your way past walkers and other people who don't understand the point of a stagger start. (HELLO PET PEEVES--how can walkers actually think they're going to complete a 5k at an 8-minute-per-mile pace?)

Anyway, it dawned on me this morning that I have just 4 races left on my agenda between now and May ... and it seems really silly to work hard to lower my 5k time if I don't have more races on my plate. So I need your suggestions for races to add to my schedule.

Here's what I have so far:

Race #1) Tour de Cure, a 60-mile charity bike ride to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. I greatly appreciate any contributions as I raise money for this cause. And even if you can't contribute, I definitely appreciate your moral support, as I am NOT a biker. I'm riding next Sunday, February 28, and I hope to survive. On a cool note, I get to demo a pretty sweet bike.

As a non-biker, I may make a special request for training wheels. Here's hoping I don't die! :)

Race #2) Disney's Princess Half-Marathon, which I'm running with several gfs in 2 weeks on Sunday, March 7. This time, I'll try not to carb-load with jello shots the night before, as I did with the Walt Disney World Marathon last month. :(

Race #3) The Corporate 5k Presented by IOA on Thursday, April 15. Starwood (my company) organizes a huge group to run this. Our team has won in the hospitality division for the past couple of years, and I have no doubt we'll kill the competition again this year. We have some very strong runners. The best part about this race is the post-party. Last year our company played flip cup and beer pong at Lake Eola until after 9 pm. It was a really great way to bond with colleagues, so I'm psyched to do it again this year.

Race #4) AND OF COURSE, THE MUDDY BUDDY, a 6- to 7-mile partner race that includes biking, running, obstacles and a MUD PIT. Best of all, there's a beer garden sponsored by Red Hook Brewery. Do you see a trend here? I do like beer.

I'm still trying to determine who my partner will be for this race, but I am REALLY excited for it.

So here's where I need your help ... I need more races on my schedule! So if you have any fun recommendations, send them to me!

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TallGuySurfing said...

Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon...
Bay to Breakers...
Pike's Peak? LOL...
Red Dress Hash? ...