Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tell Tale Signs of a Runner, Part One: Feet!

After a 3-year hiatus from serious running, I finally feel like a runner again. Why? I lost a toenail yesterday. Once again, I have runner's feet.

Runners have notoriously scary feet. Runners Feet are akin to Wrestlers Ear. Disgusting, but only tolerable due to the love for the sport. Before a race, we cut our toenails as closely as possible to prevent them from falling off as a result of rubbing against our shoes. To no avail. We lose our toenails anyway.

For the ladies, it's futile to paint our toenails. My nails chip after every other run.

And then our heels. When you showering twice a day, a crocodile probably has softer feet. Or an alligator. Whichever is scalier and nastier. I'd rather give a foot massage to a crocodile than to a runner.

I could go on and on about bunions, corns and callouses. But I'll spare you the dirty details. I don't have these yet, but with my toenail situation, I'm afraid that I'm in the midst of a downward spiral. :(

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TallGuySurfing said...

Sorry about the loss of one of your soldiers... I've always run in shoes 1/2 size bigger than normal to avoid toe nail loss. This way when my feet get hot and swell up they don't rub... but then again it's a rare day that I even get blisters so maybe I'm just luckier than some...