Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things that make you go hmmm (and run faster)

Need a little pep in your step for your next run? Try running in a slightly dangerous location.

I work in a somewhat shady portion of Orlando, where the bee-line meets John Young Parkway. I like to run on my lunch break or after work along a trail behind my office building. It's very remote and there's a peaceful path that runs along Shingle Creek.

During my last two runs on this path, I have witnessed suspect things:

1) On Friday, January 29, I stumbled across a long bone. I hope it belongs to a deer.
2) At lunch today, a portion of the path was roped off with police tape. Within the tape? A chalk outline of a body (pics to come) and red splotches on the pavement.

As you can imagine, these sights definitely give incentive to run faster. While some would probably prefer to find a new running trail, I've been impressed at my pace during these runs, so I'll probably keep enjoying the trail.

I mean, could it get worse?


TallGuySurfing said...

In Puerto Rico it is common to run with a large stick (or bone) in case you have to fight off stray dogs.... :-)

Chases Cows said...

That reminds me of running in Costa Rica! There were stray dogs everywhere and, while friendly, they liked to jump on people. More than a little distracting while running.

Will have to run w/bones during my next trip. :)