Tuesday, November 9, 2010

America's Favorite Cities

Travel + Leisure magazine just released their survey results for America's Favorite Cities: http://www.travelandleisure.com/americas-favorite-cities

It's an interesting read, particularly for those who work in the hospitality industry, like me. And you can actually pit one city against another in a face-off of city awesomeness.

Sorry Orlando, but you lose.

On a pretty fascinating note, you won't want to miss the rankings for where to find America's most beautiful people. Not surprisingly, a majority of the cities listed are in warmer regions where people tend to wear less clothing in general. After all, it's hard to show off your figure when you're buried under a parka and a snowsuit. Here's your top ten:

#10: Nashville, TN
#9: Denver, CO
#8: Austin, TX
#7: San Juan, PR
#6: Honolulu, HI
#5: SLC, UT
#4: Miami, FL
#3: Savannah, GA
#2: San Diego, CA
#1: Charleston, SC

The #1 city threw me for a loop! I tried to think of a famous Southerner to reinforce Charleston's position on this list, but the only person I could think of was Paula Deen.

By the way, did anyone check out her stick of butter costume? Love it!

Anyway, I quickly remembered that Paula Deen is from Savannah, not Charleston. Regardless, it's a smidge surprising to see a southern city land the top spot on this list.

But, the coolest thing about the list is that it takes personality into account. Cities with the friendliest people also had some of the most attractive people. Just goes to show that a smile can be an instant, FREE makeover.

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