Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back in Action

After a 9-month break, I'm back. 2011 has been quite productive, but not in the running department. Met someone special. Got an amazing new job. Details to come.

With so much change, my running goals went out the window. I've run NO races this year! That's about to change.

After realizing that 2011 is quickly coming to an end, I realized that I should get my butt in gear and re-assess my goals. Upon re-assessment, I signed up for a 15k. And a half-marathon. And now I'm trying to choose between marathons.

I bought a great book, Advanced Marathoning. Great info in there! And the goal is to qualify for Boston.

With that in mind, now I need to identify the best possible BQ opportunity in FL. Melbourne Music & Beaches in February 2012? Disney 2012? Jacksonville in December 2011? Register for all in hopes that one will get me to Boston?

One step at a time. I ran 7 miles today. Now off to the golf course. Back in track, on the track and excited. :)

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Sallie said...

:) So happy that you are doing well. Your mama was telling me about your awesome new job (and new guy)! I'm sure you'll succeed in whatever you set your mind to! It's great to "see" you!